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Site Re-Design

Welcome to the newly updated Marie Teagardin Photography website. I worked on this new site over Winter Break 2017 but had a big life change in between then and now so I'm just getting around to making my first blog post.

My family (husband and 12 year old son) made a HUGE move from Los Angeles, California to Putney, Vermont. There were many reasons for the move, but the main reason was to have a change of pace. We are lucky in that my husband has his own business and works from home so we could really live anywhere as long as we had a good internet connection. Long story short, we chose Putney because it checked all our boxes. I'm working on getting my photography business up and running here in Vermont. Not sure of the direction my photography will lead me, but I'm looking forward to the journey.

This website is always a work in progress. I'll constantly be updating the portfolio, adding new sections (maybe some fine art stuff coming soon) and moving things around until it's just right!

A little background on myself for those new to the site:

I LOVE photography and I especially love photographing kids. They are so much fun!

When I was in photo school at Santa Monica College, I thought I wanted to work in commercial photography. I enjoyed being in the studio, setting up the lighting and using the tricks of the trade to create cool illusions of light. But once it came time for the final class - Portfolio - the professor had us go through all of our images that we'd taken over the course of our schooling - personal photos as well as project photos. This is where my photography journey took a significant turn.

As I was looking through my photos, I realized that I had a bunch of photos of children. You see, at the time, most of my friends were getting married and having babies. I attended many birthday parties over the years I was in school and it turns out I took a lot of photos of the kids at these parties. I decided to focus on babies/toddlers/children/kids for my portfolio class - and I had a lot of little ones to use as models thanks to my friends.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I just thought it would be nice for you to know my journey and my passion.

I hope you enjoy the new site. Have a great week and come back often for updates and specials!

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